Eric Kuster: De Meester van Metropolitan Luxury

Eric Kuster: The Master of Metropolitan Luxury

Who is Eric Kuster?

Eric Kuster is a Dutch interior designer with international fame. He is known for his unique style, which he describes as "Metropolitan Luxury". Kuster's designs are luxurious, elegant and exclusive, with a touch of sensuality and glamour. He combines classic elements with modern influences, creating interiors that are timeless and chic.

Kuster's career

Kuster started his career in the 1990s and has since completed hundreds of projects around the world. He has worked for famous Dutch people such as Wendy van Dijk, Linda de Mol and Ronald Koeman, but also for international stars such as Madonna and George Clooney.

The Metropolitan Luxury style

Kuster's Metropolitan Luxury style is based on a number of key elements:

  • Luxury materials: Kuster only uses the best materials, such as marble, onyx, leather and silk.
  • Rich colors: Kuster is not afraid to work with bright colors, such as gold, silver and bronze.
  • Notable details: Kuster uses unique details, such as chandeliers, mirrors and works of art, to give his interiors an extra dimension.
  • Good atmosphere: Despite the luxury and glamour, Kuster's interiors are always warm and cozy.


Kuster draws his inspiration from various sources, such as travel, art, fashion and architecture. He is always looking for new trends and materials to innovate his designs.

Books and publications

Kuster has published two books on interior design: "Eric Kuster Interior Design" and "Metropolitan Luxury". He is also regularly featured in interior design magazines and TV programs.

Eric Kuster: an icon in the interior design world

Eric Kuster is one of the most praised interior designers in the Netherlands. He has a unique style that is recognizable all over the world. Kuster's interiors are luxurious, elegant and timeless, and offer an oasis of peace and comfort.

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